East Race Whitewater Festival

Event Dates:  June 9  •  June 10  •  June 11


Jackson Kayak ZEN 3.0

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Virtually every whitewater lover will find an event they can enter and enjoy, regardless of what type of boat you own, or your age, or you level of capability. Check out the categories below and head to the registration page to sign up.


Taking place Noon – 3:30pm Saturday it’s all about speed and reaching the finish line first in a contest between 4 or 5 boaters. There are divisions for short and long boats and some important rules to prevent any naughty tactics.

All competitors in this event receive a FREE event tee shirt.

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Enter one of Four BoaterCross Divisions:

  • Short boat Men (boats 7-ft. or shorter)
  • Short boat Women (boats 7-ft. or shorter)
  • Long boat Men (boats 7-ft to 11-ft. – no boats over 11-ft.)
  • Long boat Women (boats 7-ft to 11-ft. – no boats over 11-ft.


  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each division
  • We will utilize a single elimination bracket format.
  • Racers compete in heats of 4-5 competitors.
  • The top 2 racers advance to the next round.
  • Missing a buoy will result in DISQUALIFICATION.
  • There will also be strict DISQUALIFICATION for ANY intentional harm to another paddler, such as:
  • Slashing with paddles
  • Punching, grabbing or pulling on another person, their helmet, PFD, boat grab-loops, skirt loops, cockpit rims, etc.
  • Boat loops may NOT be taped down.
  • Competitors should keep their hands on their paddles as much as possible.
  • Paddlers CAN reach across the deck of a competitor in order to plant a stroke in the water.
  • There will be a mandatory pre-race meeting to discuss the course and the starting procedure


Register for BOATERCROSS Here


This will be a fun competition 1 – 2pm called “King of the Rodeo” , competitors will get in the Rodeo wave 2 at a time and when the horn sounds the first one to knock the other competitor off their board or out of the wave will move on to the next round.

All competitors in this event will get a FREE event t-shirt . Register in either the Women’s or Men’s division Details: There will be only one 1st place prize for each division. You must keep your hands on the handles of your own riverboard – no kicking another competitor also.

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Enter one of two RiverBoard Divisions:

  • Women’s
  • Men’s



  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each division
  • This will be a competition involving speed and maneuverability.
  • Racers will compete in heats of 4 – 5 at a time and will need to touch certain locations or obstacles as they race to be the first at the finish.
  • The top 2 racers in each heat will advance to the next round.
  • Only riverboards designed specifically for river running will be permitted.
  • Helmets and PFD’s are required.
  • There will be a mandatory pre-race meeting to discuss the course and starting procedure.


Register for RIVERBOARD Here


Taking place @ 4pm Saturday.​ The whole purpose of this fun and thrilling time is to create chaos, mayhem and a ton of fun, without creating any real harm to your fellow competitors. The more chaos we have the more fun you and the spectators will have.

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  • The winner will receive a prize
  • ALL entrants compete at the same time, no heats.
  • Competitors need to provide their own INFLATABLE pool floatie (alligator, dolphin, flamingo, unicorn, air mattress, etc).
  • You must attempt to stay on your floatie, or always be attempting to get back on your floatie or you will be disqualified.
  • Competitors MUST wear Helmets and PFDs.

Register for POOL FLOATIES Here